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 Bornholm Rundt Marchen

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Holiday for Adults at the Top of Bornholm
Right at Hammersø with the loveliest view is a family-run hotel with a full emphasis on offering you a relaxing holiday. We highly prioritize the nature and tranquility by the sea and therefore have an age limit of 14 for our guests.

Is Hotel Hammersø the hotel at Bornholm with the most beautiful nature? Book a stay of a few days, a week or two, and judge for yourself. We spoil our guests with an authentic atmosphere, unique location and a cozy restaurant with a view of the lake. Here, you stay at the top of Bornholm in more than one sense.

Find more details about the hotel und surroundings here: https://hotel-hammersoe.dk/en/
 Brændesgårdshaven  Textillita  Simons  Hotel Hammersø

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