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Heiligdomsklippen on Bornholm lie between Tejn and Gudhjem
and are a rock group at the coast rugged and up to 22 m high.

One went to the towns already in the Middle Ages; one hallowing source Rø Kjiila primarily in the Johannisnacht going on a pilgrimage head of a column to this one which rose at the foot of the saint cathedral cliffs.

The predominant part of the coastal region is under conservation, for the public accessible on the signposted ways.
The irregular forms of the coastal rocks with hers, grottos and rugged columns made of granite arose under the influence of wind and weather within millennia.

The largest portion of today's coast was under the sea-level during the ice age, but as the sheet of ice disappeared the island lifted and this part of the coast of Bornholm is about 24 m today over the sea-level.

One, km leads to Tejn (4.9 km) or Gudhjem (15,9) along way at the Kuste to the west this one area one of the most beautiful waterfalls of the island likes Døndalen.

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