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 Kræmmerhuset Blomsterhaven

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Business town Nexø / Bornholm


Nexø is the second largest town with its almost 4000 inhabitants of Bornholm today. In the 1600 century it was, only a little village which one longest the coast lay. The port started in the 1700 century to wax the town but was extended only in the 1800 century. Nexø developed, into the town of the fishing trade and everything this what has to work with that side is located on side at the big port.

Nexø museum was actually the city hall, was then used as a store and established as a museum in 1969.
Something contemporary history
These did their mischief Lübeck in the town 1510,
1645 became Nexø of the Swedes looted,
A conflagration devastated large portions of the town and 1756
1945 went Nexø crookedly was it for the most part after a Russian bomb raid in ruins again in May 1945. 856 of 900 buildings were damaged or destroyed.

One nevertheless finds beautiful old façades in the urban features and the new houses fit in also well in the handle.

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