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Bornholms Sommerfuglepark

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Worth knowing over the island of Bornholm. Bornholm is Denmark's fifth largest island

Worth knowing over the island of Bornholm

Bornholm is breadth 54° 59 min. north of min. 55° 18 and 14° 4 of min. 15° 10 min. eastern length. One finds a Granitsstein which precisely marks the blade point between 55° of northern breadth and 15° of eastern length with a cross a little to the east in front of the muzzle of the Øleflüsschens into the Baltic Sea - at the southern coast of Bornholm. It is for breadth north of 55° 55 x 111 km = 6105 km to the Äkvator and 35 x 111 km = 3885 km to the North Pole. One calculates the so-called Central European time of of 15° eastern length and is often called "Gudhjemzeit".

All places on 15° of eastern length have the sun exactly as the only authority in Denmark in the south point 12.00 clock, except for the summertime. Ertholmene are breadth min. north of 55° 19 and min. eastern of 15° 11 length.

Important dates

  • Bornholm resulted for approx. 1700 m. v. Chr.
  • the first people sat down approx. 10.000 v. Chr in Bornholm.
  • Bornholm has his own king approx. 800.
  • Bornholm became a part of the Danish kingdom approx. 1000.
  • 1149, 3 of the 4 districts gave Sven Grathe to the archbishop of Lund in Bornholm.
  • 1327, Bornholm's fourth district was sold to the archbishop by Lund.
  • 1521, Christian II took Bornholm.
  • 1525 for 158,019 Lübeck's marks got Lübeck of Frederik I Bornholm as pledge for 50 years.
  • 1576, Frederik II took Bornholm.
  • 1653 5000 of 13000 Bornholmer was carried off by the plague August.
  • 26., Bornholm comes loose of Sweden at the peace of Brømsebro February 1658.
  • Decembers 1658 Bornholmer disarmed the Swedish troops and gave the island of Frederik III.
  • 9th Aapril 1940 Bornholm was occupied by German troops like the rest of Denmark.
  • 7. - 8 .Mai 1945 Bornholm was freed, but taken by the Russian armed forces.
  • Rønne and Nexø were bombarded.
  • 1946 the Russian troops leave Bornholm April.
  • 1st Jjanuar 2003 Bornholm's 5 communes became a Bornholm's region commune fanfoldedly under the names to a political and administrative unity.
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