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Hinges in Bornholm

Downrigger roll and Stahlwire take care with line clamps that the chosen bait is put in the right depth - yes, and what is the right depth?
A statistical processing of the catch of Trolling fisherman lets Nielsen, shows,
salmon can more or less over the complete water column that be caught in every depth of water. If you fish too thick at the seabed the salmon cannot therefore want to usually bite, however, because the baits have already been fetched by the codfishes for fishing dialled the upper 2/3 of the water column.
The baits are put by sprat swarms as nearby as possible in which the salmon indulge themselves. The swarms can be recognized on the echo sounder as long ribbons or compact balls; they are the best beauty-spots over the complete screen as small to recognize if the salmon chase over the complete water column.

The Trolling speed after salmon should depending on the type of the bait at approx. 2 - 2,5 knots lie while one should reduce the speed a little at sea trout.
In the winter and spring one meets the sea trout more nearly to the coast than the salmon and the hinge method resembles the Schleppangeln for mixing up. Within the remaining months the sea trout just like the salmon stays nearby the herring and sprat swarms.
One finds salmon year-round in the Baltic Sea, they bite, however, best, if the water is cold.
The acquisition fishermen as of November and this goes over to the Long line fishing with hooks and sprat bait steep net fish one.
Salmon can from there till far be caught into island proximity with art bait into May.
The best successes got salmon fish in deep water (50 - 60 m) till now between Christiansø and Bornholm obtains the island for terraces and Stablen in front of Svaneke at Fortorvet at Nexø and in the north at Davidsbanke, Nejlen, Rødspastterenden and Gravstenene.

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