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Danchelshus has got three double rooms and with bath (two with sea view)

Two rooms for families, i.e. room with possibilities for extra beds.
Every room represents with its friendly atmosphere of the last century.

Inviting and the view are excellently garden laid out beautifully this one over the sea.

The ample and various breakfast sideboard this is included in the price - is taken in our winter garden between the main building and the extension.

Of course the garden is the guests at disposal.
A satellite is in the upper floor - these, e.g. news etc. want to see TV for everyone.

At a longer stay - a week or more - you get price discount.

Danchelshus - Bornholm
 Brændesgårdshaven  Borregård  Hotel Hammersø Ferielejlighed Søanneks 1 

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