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 Bornholms Cykeludlejning

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We can offer you a tour with the trap.
You would like to get married in Bornholm and go with a coach to the registry office (or church) or let a tour drive itself by Almindingen or simple only over the island in the trap,
like this you are exactly right here.

E.g. we drive woods, Almindingen, by Dänemarks drittgrösstem, places differently past come where to we had the historical significance for the development of the woods. Among other things some Rømersminde, Lilleborg, Rokkesten, Gammelborg, Rytterknægten and ekkodalen are.

These tours usually approx. 2 hours last, but there is the possibility of meeting also other arrangements.
Depending on person number and time the price varies.
We drive from 2 - 50 persons with groups.

Jørn Petersen - Bornholm
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